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Four Directions, Group Art Show

Sunshine Coast Art Crawl
October 18 – 20, 2019, 10:00 am to 5:00 pm
Venue: 849 Maskell Rd, Roberts Creek, BC

The Crawl 
is held along the entire Sunshine Coast from Langdale to Earls Cove. Over the three days, the ‘Coast’ transforms into one big interactive art show.

At the Maskell Venue, experience the Four-directions Group Show, a diverse and sensory-rich art display of contemporary abstract paintings, fine-art travel photography and handcrafted wood vessels, by artists Linda Nardelli, Vern Minard, Paul Newton, and Timothy McGowen.

The Artists’ works are inspired by a deep love for the process of making art and the relationship between the art and the viewer. As a whole, we bring together the four quadrants: East, South, West, and North, honouring the seasons and the land, form, and light, the unseen and the creative.

Linda L. Nardelli

Linda captures the illusive in paint, colour, lines, shape and form through mixed media abstract art.  She projects the subconscious into a visual symphony, bridging the invisible communication between the artwork and the witnessing self.

She has a deep love of nature: the elements, water, air, earth and fire and humanity, and takes great pleasure in finding the balance between these forces of chaos and beauty. She believes that art is a way of fully savouring life, paying close attention to nuances that are both visual and felt.

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Vern Minard

For Vern Minard, every subject contains a story. With a skilful eye for form, balance and light, Vern composes creatively-charged images that bring to life the narrative – the subject’s subtle nuances, emotions, character and mood.

Vern explores natural aesthetics within the simplicity of life, creating images that evoke the meditative quality of introspection and respect for life’s artistic palette. His intent as an artist is to reveal the innate beauty of his subjects, drawing the viewer into an interactive and conscious experience of the world, to become more present to the beauty in life that can often be easily missed.

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Paul Newton

With a strong focus on composition, Paul Newton has been capturing images from around the world for decades. He has explored nature’s raw landscape of Iceland, trekked to the abandoned monuments of Bulgaria and the Balkans, photographed the streets of Stockholm and captured the coastline of British Columbia.

Paul has a deep love for the distinct qualities of both colour and black & white photography. He appreciates the wealth of light, mood, and ambiance that allows his artistic eye to perceive and express.

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Timothy McGowen

Captivated by the natural beauty in wood and its many creative possibilities, Timothy is moved to transform beautifully culled hardwoods into unique wood bowls and vessels. Timothy’s Hand Crafted Vessels are one of a kind, created with great care from salvaged wood and sanded to a silky smooth finish.

Timothy’s interest in wood sculptures began in the suburbs of Toronto. Living near a wooded ravine and being in cottage country, he developed a fascination for trees and wood in his formative years. As an adult, he once again found his connection to trees while working in the rain forests of BC, Venezuela and Ghana.

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