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Linda L. Nardelli is a nature based abstract artist who paints the sentient characteristic of perception and subjective experience. She gives shape to the wind, the warmth of the sun, the sustenance of water and richness of human nature.

“I love Linda’s art. It moves me much as nature does.
It’s like a secret backdoor to my heart center.”

– Maureen Fitzerald, author & speaker.


36″ x 48″, Mixed Medium: Plaster/Cement, Acrylic, Oil & Wax on Board

Footprints in the Snow

18″ x 18″, Plaster/Cement, Acrylic, Oil & Wax on Board.

Collaborative Art

Mix-medium abstract painting & photography

Linda Nardelli joins photographer Vern Minard in a collaborative exploration of their mediums to express the beauty of unity and wholeness.

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